Never scrub your microwave again!

20130402-202656.jpgDo you feel like Cinderella while scrubbing your microwave? Me too! I feel like I’m in a game of Twister trying to get things off the roof of it.

Well…scrub no more! Use this simple method brought to you by and clean it via vinegar magic. Vinegar and baking soda are sure some magical ingredients in various household uses, aren’t they?!

“Pour one cup vinegar (into a 2-cup measuring cup or bowl) then add one cup of hot water to that.
Place measuring cup (or bowl) in the microwave, set your timer for approximately 10 minutes and turn it on.
After 5-10 minutes (this will depend on how powerful your microwave is)…CAREFULLY remove the cup with the HOT liquid (use an oven mitt!) and wipe out the inside with a wet rag.

A CAUTION: If you’re worried about explosions over superheated liquid, you can virtually eliminate the possibility of it happening to you by simply leaving some non-metallic object (such as a wooden spoon or stir stick) in the cup or bowl when you boil liquids in your microwave. It may not be necessary, but it won’t hurt anything either. Safety first!”


About Charlott

We travel around the USA in our RV with our 3 children and our beagle.
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